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Atomoxetine vs Modafinil

Direct indication towards the use of Modafinil is narcolepsy – the disease that is mainly characterized by paroxysms of overwhelming sleepiness.

Modafinil increases the release of monoamines and heightens the level of gistamines in the hypothalamus. At the current moment, medical Modafinil researches are being continued and are focused on the Modafinil use against Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and for the treatment of attention disorders.

Atomoxetine is a sympathomimetic of central action and is a highly selective, powerful inhibitor of presynaptic carriers of noradrenaline.

Atomoxetine is used for the treatment of attention deficiency syndrome with hyperactivity in children from 6 years of age and adults. Attention deficiency syndrome is distinguished by inability to concentrate, increased impulsivity, and hyperactive behavior.

Thereby, comparing Atomoxetine vs Modafinil, we see that indications for usage of the two medicines are different. Also, Modafinil possesses a strongly pronounced invigorating effect. Modafinil removes the feeling of sleepiness and fatigue. After taking Modafinil, a person is able to occupy with a mental labor for the course of 24 hours, not experiencing the need to rest. Atomoxetine also promotes attention concentration, but it is indicated in hyperactivity, which is characterized by the constellation of symptoms related to the exceeding psychical and locomotor activity. That is, while comparing Atomoxetine vs Modafinil it is clear that Atomoxetine doesn’t promote the improvement of energetic tone of the organism unlike Modafinil. Moreover, one of Atomoxetine side effects is increased fatigability, whereas the use of Modafinil causes an invigorating effect.

A lot of other serious differences are noticed upon Atomoxetine vs Modafinil comparison. This way, if Atomoxetine can be prescribed for childrenmodafinil is indicated for use only in adults, at least at the age of 16.

Side effects upon the use of Atomoxetine are a more frequent occasion than those upon the use of Modafinil. Atomoxetine has more side effects, which are also stronger pronounced.

After the use of Atomoxetine, a patient can experience lightheadedness, sleepiness, irritability, emotional instability, tachycardia, nausea and vomiting, and frequent allergic reactions.

During clinical researches of Modafinil, it was revealed that after taking a Modafinil dosage up to 450 mg, no perceptible side effects were noticed in healthy volunteers, including increased heartbeat frequency and increase of blood pressure.

Therefore, compare Atomoxetine vs. Modafinil to find out what are the benefits and shortcomings of each medicine. Learn about Atomoxetine side effects and Modafinil dosage to choose the best choice for you.

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