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Modafinil Dosage in Hypersomnia

Modafinil is a medicine that possesses a strong tonic effect on a human organism. Modafinil drug removes the feeling of fatigue and sleepiness, promoting the improvement of working efficiency.

Direct indications towards the use of Modafinil dosage are the diseases associated with a sleep function disorder, notably with the increased sleepiness. In particular, Modafinil drug is recommended for use in hypersomnia.

Hypersomnia is distinguished by the increase of sleep duration a quarter from regular time, which was sufficient for a person to have a good sleep. Moreover, they are feeling sleepy and tired for the course of the day, and after sleeping they still continue to feel fatigue and tiredness.

Hypersomnia can have a temporary nature, appearing in healthy people as a result of overfatigue. For example, after not getting enough of sleep or having excessive physical tension for several days or nights in a row.

However, if hypersomnia has a protracted nature, it can be a sign of a serious disease.

Diseases That Have Hypersomnia as a Symptom

  • Mental disorder. When a person is in a condition of deep anxiety or depressed state;
  • Lack of oxygen in the body;
  • Increase of carbon dioxide concentration in the organism following sleep apnea;
  • Soporific drugs overdose;
  • Various brain diseases;
  • Narcolepsy (especially, if hypersomnia started as far back as in childhood).

Hypersomnia Diagnosis

In order diagnose hypersomnia, it is necessary to refer to a specialist. The doctor has to know how long the increased sleepiness has started and what factors have preceded it, and also which medicines are taken by the patient. Also, the specialist will refer the patient to the general medical examination.

Moreover, since hypersomnia can be a symptom of various diseases, it will be necessary to check cardiac performance, lung functions, and liver work and to go through various laboratory tests.

Suddenly appeared  hypersomnia can be a sign of a bad form of depression or neurological disease (encephalitis, meningitis, brain tumor, etc.)

Neurologist consultation will help to determine depression, memory disorder, or pathological neurologic symptoms. Also, the patient could be offered to go through a computed tomography scan (CT) or magnetic resonance image (MRI).

Hypersomnia Treatment

The patient should be provided with the appropriate conditions for adequate night sleep duration. Also, in many cases, the termination of stress factor influence result in improvement.

Medicamental therapy adds up to the use of medicines capable of controlling sleep function and remove excess sleepiness and fatigue. Modafinil is one of these medicines.

Initial Modafinil dosage in hypersomnia consists of 100 mg. Modafinil pill of 100 mg should be taken in the morning, the beginning of a working day, to prevent sleepiness paroxysms.

The effect of Modafinil pill of 100 mg continues for 8 hours. It is not recommended to take a Modafinil dosage before going to bed, because it can result in insomnia.

In dependence upon patient’s individual organism peculiarities, Modafinil dosage can be increased up to 200 mg a day. In this case, a Modafinil pill of 100 mg is taken in the morning and after lunchtime.

Normally, a Modafinil pill of 100 mg allows maintaining wakefulness and working efficiency for the course of entire working day.

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