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Modafinil vs. Caffeine

Comparing Modafinil vs. caffeine as means that help maintain the energetic tone of the body, it is noticeable that they have a nice set of differences.

Mechanism of Action

Caffeine belongs to psychostimulants, the preparations that cause an expressed exciting effect to respiratory and vasomotor centers of medulla oblongata. Caffeine regulates excitement processes in the brain, ipso facto intensifying positive conditioned reflexes and increasing motor activity.

Modafinil drug is closer to nootropics by its effect. These medicines cause influence on education, improve memory and mental activity, and increase brains durability towards aggressive affections. Modafinil increases the release of monoamines, while elevating the level of hypothalamic histamines.

Modafinil vs. Caffeine – the effect caused by Modafinil drug on cardiovascular system is much lower, than the effect of caffeine.

Caffeine causes expressed stimulant influence on cardiovascular system. Its action provokes increased rates and intensity of heart beats. During the trials of Modafinil drug in healthy volunteers, it was noticed that even upon exceeding the recommended daily dose of Modafinil 400 mg, the increase of rate and intensity of heart beats hasn’t been observed.

Action Efficiency

Modafinil vs. caffeine excels the latter in the effect duration. Caffeine’s action effect continues for 2-3 hours, depending on a person’s individual organism’s reaction. One Modafinil dosage of 100 mg is effective for 8 hours.

As an energetic, Modafinil vs. caffeine causes a more invigorating effect on the body. After taking Modafinil 200 mg, sleepiness gets removed for the course of 16 hours. During this period, a person doesn’t experience the need for sleep at all. But, the speed of reactions and mental productivity remain proper. Invigorating effect of caffeine is less perceived. After taking the highest daily caffeine dose of 300 mg, a person can continue experiencing the desire to sleep and feel fatigue along with irritability.

Modafinil 200 mg completely removes the feeling of sleepiness and fatigue for 8-16 hours, while caffeine simply dulls them. Comparing Modafinil vs. caffeine efficiency, it becomes obvious that the invigorating effect of Modafinil drug is much more expressed, than after taking caffeine.

Want to get rid of the always appearing feeling of sleepiness, when you need to stay up late working? Then you should learn about benefits of Modafinil vs. caffeine and see the real advantages of the medicine for your self!

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